About Denise

Denise Guidry is a Bikini Fitness Model who offers private specialty training like, Strength and Core, Weight-loss, Functional, Corrective, Bodybuilding & Bikini competition prep. She has provided coaching for corporate, celebrities, young adults, seniors, and to anyone who has a passion to transform their body and lifestyle.

The former Jet Beauty model and Beauty pageant princess moved from Houston,Texas to Los Angeles, to pursue her dream as an aspiring actress/model. Denise signed with Commercials Unlimited and studied Business and Communications at Santa Monica College for her B.S. in Business Administration. In addition, to help keep her body in top shape, she worked at the star-studded, W-Hotel Hollywood, as a personal valet, after quitting a corporate career as a Banker.

At the beginning of her fitness journey, her brother became her first personal trainer, and signed her up for her very first Bikini Competition in 2009. She won 1st place next to her fellow Bikini opponents at Muscle Beach in Venice, California. Since then, she has continued competing and trains at The Mecca of Bodybuilding Gold's Gym Venice. She has had much success in winning 4 x NPC National Overrall Bikini Champion with support from her coach, Dexter Jackson,a.k.a.,Mr.Olympia 2008, and TeamBlade. She was also been featured in Iron Man & Southern California Life magazines.

Unfortunately, in 2011 she was in an accident, where she suffered a back injury that pulled her away from an ambitious life. Her lifestyle of pursuing her passions became burdens instead. However, she was still inspired to move forward and recover. Eventually, the injuries that broke her dreams highly influenced her career to become a Fitness Trainer. She continued working with a Sports chiropractor, and later began working with a Personal trainer for Corrective exercise science(CES) program, which allowed her to come to a full recovery.

Finally,  she became an Elite Trainer and Nutrition coach for the famous Gold's Gym. She studied through International Sports Science Association and with National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. As a result, her experience, great smile, and personality have allowed her to be successful in working with a very diverse group including a few icons, such as Darryl McDaniels,a.k.a. DMC. Denise made a decision to get better, to do better, and to be better for herself. Ultimately, she became a better trainer and coach for her clients. A valuable lesson she learned was that you just can't give people what you simply don't have.

Bikini Fitness Model Denise Guidry is an inspirational leader and is dedicated to being a motivating vessel for anyone that is ready to train their mind, body, spirit, and GET REAL RESULTS!!